Warranty Details



All sourced and stock cars will be provided with a 6 Month warranty which can be extended by you to a maximum of 24 months. The Warranty Company we use is Warrantywise which is multi award winning and championed by Quentin Wilson as well as being Auto Express tested.  You can even email Quentin directly if you have any issues!

The details of the warranty provided is dependent on age and mileage details of which are below.

Cars under three years old are ordinarily still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty when they were purchased new.

Platinum Plus Cover   Applies to vehicles up to 4 years of age and 40,000 miles.

Platinum Cover          Applies to vehicles up to 8 years of age and 80,000 miles

Gold Cover                 Applies to vehicles up to 10 years of age and 100,000 miles

Silver Cover               Applies to vehicles up to 12 years of age and 120,000 miles

Bronze Cover             Applies to vehicles up to 14 years of age and 140,000 miles